Classroom Update 3/16

Today we learned 2 more nonfiction feature facts! The students learned and found label and index. The index is an alphabetical list of topics that can be found in the text. A label helps a reader identify a picture or parts of a picture. These are our last nonfiction features that we will be studying this year! We’ll be reviewing our features on Wednesday and taking an assessment on them on Thursday.
Tomorrow is our FIELD TRIP! Our parent volunteers will be Mrs. Jana and Mrs. Leicht. Thank you for the overwhelming list of volunteers! I’m so lucky to have parents who want to be involved!!
Please make sure that your child had their backpack and a lunch for tomorrow. Their lunch should be nut free and have no heat-ups. They should not bring anything else to school tomorrow, just their backpack and lunch. I’m looking forward to a fun-filled St. Patrick’s Day at the Planetarium!!