Classroom Update 2/9

Today I gave out new Words of the Week┬ásince we won’t have any extra time to work on them on Friday because of the Valentine’s Day party. Our new words are:
2nd: sick, maybe, land, next, old, window, better
1st: fish, why, car
In writing, the students got to choose between 2 prompts. They were able to write about something they like and don’t like about their library. Or, they could write about a new hobby they would like to try and why.
Everyone spent some time getting caught up in their nonfiction folders and tomorrow we will be getting a new feature to look for! ­čÖé ┬áThe features we have learned so far are: glossary, title, bold print, table of contents. Your child should know each of the 4 features, what they do, and be able to identify them in a nonfiction book.