Classroom Update 2/6

We began looking for a new nonfiction feature today! Title! We talked in class about being able to find the title in 2 places because it is printed both on the cover and on the title page. Another important thing to know about nonfiction titles is that they tell the name but also the subject of the book.
Some students have gotten a little behind on their Words of the Week activities. I don’t want any students to feel overwhelmed by the work in their Work In Progress pockets, so I am sending home some of these to be completed by students who are behind. Students who have work to catch up on will have “Words of the Week” written in their assignment notebook and their worksheet in their folder to come home. If your child doesn’t come home with any catch up work give them a round of applause! They’ve been working hard!
Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. If you are planning to send valentines to school with your child please remember that they cannot have food attached to them and that if they are passing out cards they must have one for each classmate. More details about the party will be out from Mrs. McCormick soon. 🙂
I’ve attached a class list of first names if your child will be handing out valentine cards to classmates and they want to write names in the “to” section. Cards are not required. Also, usually it is easier for students to pass out cards if they do not have a name on them for the recipients, but I also remember the excitement of choosing certain cards for specific people. I just ask that your child be consistent and either write recipient names on every card or none of them. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
Lastly, I will be submitting our Scholastic order Monday, so please finalize any order you would like to make this weekend. Thank you!! 🙂
The weather man told me this morning we’ve got a warm up to look forward to this weekend: 40 degrees! It might be a fun weekend to spend time outside tracking or just enjoying and making discoveries in the outdoors during our little heat wave. 🙂 Have a great weekend!! ListNumberOrder