Classroom Update 2/12

Today during Daily 5 the students got a new nonfiction feature to search for. They were looking for a heading. A heading tells what a section will be about. We will also be discussing subheadings, so we were trying to find ways to make sure that what we found was a heading and not a subheading. The students decided that headings are listed in the table of contents, and subheadings are not. Try and find some headings in nonfiction books at home tonight.
In writing yesterday the students wrote from one of the following prompts:
* The famous inventor Thomas Edison was born on this day in 1847. Describe an investion that could be made by comining two of the following items: cup, mirror, clock, chair, refrigerator, magnet, or glasses. Include a drawing of the invention.
*Describe how you think a bird feels after a deep snow has fallen. How would a rabbit feel?
Today the students had the choice to write a story about finding a lucky penny and what happens afterwards or telling about 5 red items and how they are different from each other.
We also did a short activity for science where students brainstormed ways that they could see if the lights went out. We’ll be talking about light for the next few days in science with some discussion about the sun, moon, and stars as well.