Classroom Update 1/28

Today was a bit odd for a Wednesday. We started our day with an assembly for National School Choice Week. Thank you for choosing to give your child the opportunity to attend PCCS!
We also had Farm To Table lunch. We had over half the class get to experience eating new or special food! I love that some many of us take advantage of the opportunity to eat freshly prepared, yummy, interesting and delicious food through the Farm To Table program.
Today we reviewed the 2 text features we’ve covered so far in our nonfiction feature unit: bold print and table of contents. Tomorrow we’ll learn about a new feature!
Spanish went late today, so in the interest of getting students out to carpool on time most students did not write in their assignment notebooks. Today the students would have written their color, read 20+ minutes, and save energy. We’ll get caught up tomorrow!
February Book orders are coming home tonight, if you are interested. If you are new to ordering you can sign up for an account here: and it will be linked to my account.