Classroom Update 12/18

This morning we had a very nice time at the Holiday Sing! I was proud of our students- they knew both the words and the motions for the song Over The River! Fantastic work!!
After the Holiday Sing we spent a little bit of time organizing our materials bins and collecting all of the pencils from them. I passed out 1 new pencil to each student that is labeled with their name. The goal, which the students choose as our goal to help us meet our green challenge “Use Less Stuff,” is to keep track of and use the pencil for as long as possible. I’m excited to see the impact it has on decreasing the amount of pencils we go through. It will also force some more responsibility onto each student to take care of their pencils.
The students also wrote a journal entry today where they listed the top 10 most important things to them.  We then talked about our lists and found out that of all the things we listed 99 of them were people! The next highest amount was 32, which was pets and animals. Everyone wrote very nice and heartfelt lists.