Classroom Update 12/15

Today in class we brainstormed ways to use less stuff- our green challenge! The students came up with many creative ways to use less stuff, including:
*Make a gift instead of buy one
*Use a pencil until it is too small
*Donate things you are done with
*Buy things at garage sales
*Use both sides of your paper
*Reuse bags
On Mondays a Hawk’s Ticket Winner from each 1st and 2nd grade classroom is chosen and their name is read over the PA. I wanted to acknowledge the winners we have had in our classroom so far this year. Thank you for being respectful, responsible and safe! Our winners so far this year have been: Samantha Crow, Declan Rochino, Jack Estrick, Lizzie Mertz, Drew Hansen, Piya Chauhan, Zach Smith, Sohini Jana, Alex Thomason, Noah Thorson, Kaylee Leicht, Riley Otte, Zaeem Raheel, Joshua Duray.