Classroom Update 12/10

Today we did some experiments with vibrations. We made observations about what happens when a tuning fork is struck and placed in water. We used two different forks and discussed the differences between the forks as well.  The students also put a ruler on a table with different lengths hanging off the edge. They pushed on the ruler to see if the ruler could vibrate or make noise. Every student was able to write their observations for each experiment today. Tomorrow we will discuss as a classroom the observations we wrote down.
The students wrote journal entries today, choosing from two options:
* Make a list of words that rhyme with snow. Then write a poem about snow.
*Pretend you are riding a giant candy cane. Describe where you would go.
In our entries we’ve been trying to focus on having capitals and periods in the correct places. We’re also talking about using the journal paper correctly, as some students like to begin writing in the middle of each line or have a stair step effect of where they start each line.
In handwriting we reviewed the letter q today. It starts with a magic c! Our lowercase q’s also have a curved tail.