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Classroom Update 12/1

Hello and welcome back!
It was so nice to see the students back and ready for action today. We had a typical Monday schedule, and started our next theme unit that focuses on waves, specifically this first few weeks on sound waves.  Today the students thought of and shared different things they know which make light or sound.
The students also started a prompt journal this afternoon.  The students had a choice today on what to write: pretend you followed a boot to 3 different places.  Describe where you go and what you saw or explain why a basketball is a better ball to play with than a soccer ball when playing the game of basketball.
Our Green Challenge assembly for December is tomorrow morning! As always, parents are welcome to join us at 8:15 to hear about our new challenge!
Today the students are bringing home December Scholastic book order forms with a “spend $10, get a free book” coupon that we earned as a class last month. I’m going to submit our order on December 8th (next Monday) in order to make sure the books are delivered before break. Please have any orders you want to make  finalized by then. To make an order you can follow this link if you haven’t ordered before:  If you are ordering books that will be holiday gifts, please let me know so that we can find an alternate way to get the books home other than your child bringing them.
One last thing: I know some families have not been put on the volunteer calendar or are not on Mrs. McCormick’s email list.  If you have not been getting emails from her (she sent one this weekend about upcoming events like the Holiday Bazzar and Holiday Party), or aren’t on our google calendar please email her at her email (which can be found by clicking on the word “email” under her name on the sidebar) from the email address you would like her to add to her contact list so that you are getting up to date information about our classroom happenings.