Classroom Update 1/15

Today in science we did a re-do of yesterday’s experiment on testing which string would work best for a string phone. After reviewing their worksheets last night I realized that the numbers some students had were wrong in a way that might impact their eventual final product. Yesterday while students tested strings they were sitting in big groups and the testing took a while. If students were talking, it’s probable that the sound meter was picking up their talking and not the sound of the clicker in the cup. This led to some very wrong answers. We did the experiment again as a whole class today and got much better results. Plus it took a lot less time!
In writing, students got to choose their own topic for writing an opinion piece. Ask your child what topic they picked to write about! We reviewed the outline of an opinion piece: state your opinion (opening), reason #1, reason #2, reason #3, restate your opinion (closing).