Classroom Update 1/13

Today I was out for the first part of the day while attending a professional development opportunity and will be out at the beginning of the day tomorrow for day 2 of this opportunity. The students had their typical beginning of the day, math and reading, just without me. 🙂
In the afternoon we worked on opinion writing. Today we focused on making sure to have an opening and closing sentence in our opinion writing. We decided that it is fine to have the same or almost exact same sentence to start and finish an opinion writing piece! Some students were excited to learn about this way to ‘cheat’ while writing about their opinion. Our topic today was, “What would you rather do: watch TV inside or play in the snow outside?”
We also got our new high frequency words for this week and some new activities to do with them! 

1st grade words:

can’t, tell, across, world

2nd grade words:

ready, free, show, build, draw, state, kind