Classroom Update 11/21

Happy Friday!
I’m sending out our update a bit early because I have a favor to ask: if your child will not be attending school next week, can you please let me know today? Or if your child will not be attending Tuesday of next week? I want to send home everyone’s extra clothes bags for the Thanksgiving Break but I don’t want to send them home early because inevitably the students will then need something from the bag. I am sending home the extra clothes bags because most students have warm weather clothes in the bags, and it’s time to switch up the clothes to cold weather clothes. I also ask that you toss in a few extra pairs of socks for your child, as those are used quite frequently once the children are playing out in the snow and changing out of snow boots. Thank you!
Today, my goal is to complete and send out our class book! I have really enjoyed having discussions about our PCCS values with the students. I feel like so many of them are aware of the special opportunities that they have here, which I feel is amazing! There are so many students/children (and adults) who take what they have for granted, but this group of kids certainly appreciates what they have in PCCS.
We will have reading sessions today as well as scrub out and organize our lockers. There is a foul smell coming from the locker area and I want to make sure it is not food. And, of course, we’ll see allllllll of our specials teachers!
I am looking forward to seeing everyone for conferences next week! You should get a confirmation email from the website sometime this weekend- I have them set to set 3 days prior to your conference, so it depends on the day you are signed up.  If you don’t have it by Monday, please let me know.
Have a wonderful weekend with your little ones!