Classroom Update 1/12

Today we learned how to use a decibel meter to measure sound in science. We also had a great discussion about the types of tools that we use to help us measure different things like length, temperature, and time. See if your child can name tools that we use for measuring as well as the unit that we measure sound in (decibels). I took pictures of the different groups measuring the decibels that a training clicker puts out and I’ve attached them here for your viewing pleasure. 🙂
We also did a short opinion writing piece on what winter activity your child prefers: sledding or snowman building. There were some very strong opinions! I’ve passed out their next opinion writing topic which is: Which animal is better, an elephant or a giraffe? If you’d like to do some reading about elephants or giraffe to help them collect some reasons, feel free!
IMG_0021 IMG_0020 IMG_0016