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Classroom News

Hello Families,
I hope this email finds you well and you are enjoying the lovely weather! Students took the NWEA tests for Math and ELA in class this week. Students that need to finish the test or make-up a test will be able to do so next week in class.
Math A
Students use conditions that determine a unique triangle to determine when two triangles are identical.  Students construct viable arguments to explain why the given information can or cannot give a triangle correspondence between identical triangles.
Math B
Students understand that two triangles are identical if two pairs of corresponding angles and one pair of corresponding sides are equal under some correspondence; two angle measurements and a given side length of a triangle determine a unique triangle.  Students understand that the two angles and any side condition can be separated into two conditions
Math C​
​Students solve for two variables using two sets of equations to find the coordinates of a given point. ​ 
Students are working on their “monsters” using inherited traits from two parents using a punnett square. Students are designing their monsters based on inherited traits, acquired traits, behavioral traits, and a mutation. Students choose the environment in which their monster will live and how the monster must adapt to its surroundings. Next week in class, we will wrap up this project and have a gallery walk where students can showcase their work and view other classmates’ finished projects. 
Dates to Remember:
Week of 5/16 NWEA Make-ups
Mon 5/23 Cooking in Math
​Fri 5/27 Early Release 1pm
Mon 5/30 No School, Memorial Day
Tues 5/31 Canoe Trip
Fri 6/3 Last Day of School, Early Release 1pm
Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Have a great weekend.