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Classroom News

Hello Families,
I hope this email finds you well! Students continue to work diligently as we wind down the school year. We will continue with the ABC Countdown each day and encourage students to participate. As a reminder, on Tuesday, May 31st, the 5/6th grade band is going canoeing at the Skokie Lagoons. Please send your students Canoe Trip Waiver Form and payment to school with them no later than Wednesday, May 11th if you haven’t done so already.  
In addition, students have Spring NWEA testing for Math on Wednesday, May 11th and ELA on Friday May 13th. Please note that Wednesday, May 11th is an early release day at 1:00pm.
Math A
Students find the perimeter of irregular figures using coordinates to find the length of a side joining points with the same first coordinate or the same second coordinate.  Students find the area enclosed by a polygon on the coordinate plane by composing or decomposing using polygons with known area formulas. 
Students may work on these concepts using IXL for extra practice as well. Students will take a mid module assessment to gauge progress on Monday, May 9th. A study guide was completed in class today for students to review over the weekend.
Math B
Students understand that three given lengths determine a triangle, provided the largest length is less than the sum of the other two lengths; otherwise, no triangle can be formed.  Students understand that if two side lengths of a triangle are given, then the third side length must be between the difference and the sum of the first two side lengths.  Students understand that two angle measurements determine many triangles, provided the angle sum is less than 180°; otherwise, no triangle can be formed. Students will take a mid module assessment to gauge progress on Thursday, May 12th. Students will receive a study guide on Monday, May 9th to review.


Math C
Students understand the formulation for slope y=mx+b and the formula for point slope.
Students understand dominant and recessive traits and possible outcomes for offspring in the form of percentages. Students define and elaborate on inherited traits. Students create punnett squares to represent 2 parents in regards to specific traits.
Dates to Remember
Math A Mid-Module Assessment Mon 5/9
NWEA Testing Wed 5/11 and Fri 5/13
Parent University Wed 5/11 6:30 PM
Math B Mid-Module Assessment Thurs 5/12
Thank you all for your partnership and continued support. Mrs. Steinbeck and I felt very appreciated throughout the week and want you to know that you are all greatly appreciated!