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Classroom News

Hello 6th Grade Families,
I hope this email finds you well and that you have an enjoyable weekend! 6th grade students will receive their Earth Week shirts next week and should wear them on Friday, April 22nd. We have an engaging week planned that incorporates team building while celebrating our Earth. Please remind your student to dress appropriately for the weather, as many of our activities will be outdoors and our weather is quite unpredictable lately. 
Thank you to those that have donated firewood for outdoor cooking next Tuesday. If you have extra firewood to spare (2-3 pieces) please stack it behind our classroom under the benches. We appreciate your support! 
Math A
This week in class, students took the assessment for module 4. Following Earth Week, we will begin Module 5: Area, Surface Area, and Volume
Math B
This week in class, students completed the mid-module assessment for module 5. We continue to study statistics, including census information and sample populations.  
Math C
Students studied slopes and equations of lines. They looked at equations in the form y=mx+b and identified slopes and y-intercepts. Students learned how to sketch linear equations on the coordinate by sketching only the necessary information. They also sketched lines by identifying the intercepts. Next week, students will study multiple representations of linear equations.
Students studied the Characteristics of Organisms, including the 6 kingdoms. Students presented their choice project to the class today. Following Earth Week, we will continue our study of cells with DNA and Heredity. 
Earth Week Reminders/Needs
* Firewood: if you have extra please stack behind the classroom before Tues
* Tuesday: Bring a plate/utensils for cooking 
* Dress for the weather, we are outdoors each day
* Friday: Wear this years Earth Week shirt for Earth Day
Thank you for your continued support and partnership!