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Classroom News

Hello 6th grade families, 
I hope this email finds you well. Earth week is Mon 4/18 through Fri 4/22. Prior to then, if you have 1-2 extra pieces of firewood at home, please have your student stack them at the outdoor entrance to our classroom. We will be using the wood for a grade band campfire and cookout during Earth week. Thank you in advance!
Math A
Students in Math A will complete a study guide in class on Monday and take the Module 4 Assessment on Friday, 4/15. Current studies include finding missing angle values and solving multi-step equations. I encourage all students to practice and review these skills for mastery. 
Math B
Students in Math B are learning to calculate the probability of simple and compound events. Next Thursday, 4/14, students will complete a mid-module assessment for Module 5. After, students will evaluate statistical questions. I encourage all students to practice and review these skills for mastery. 
Math C
Students used proportional relationships related to constant speed, to write linear equations with two variables. They organized the solutions to the equation in a table and plotted the points on a coordinate plane. Students also graphed horizontal and vertical lines. They looked at equations in standard form, ax+by=c, and determined values for a and b.
Students continue to study Structures of Life. This week, our focus consisted of Dichotomous Keys. Students learned that Dichotomous Keys are a valuable scientific tool that assist in identifying specific organisms. Next week, students will study the characteristics of organisms. 
Dates To Remember
Wednesday, 4/13, Early Release 1pm
Monday 4/18 – Friday 4/22, Earth Week
Thank you for your continued partnership and support. Have a restful weekend!