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Classroom News

Hello Families,
I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather this week. Students completed the ELA portions of IAR testing and will take the Math sections on Mon, Tues, and Wed. Please help your student remember to fully charge their chromebook at home each night. Though especially important for testing, this is homework daily listed on the 6th grade homework calendar. Testing session make-ups will take place after Spring Break.
Students were exceptionally respectful and responsible during testing this week and were surprised with extra recess time today. Though chilly, students enjoyed chatting with friends, playing football, basketball, and soccer among other things.
Math A:
Students took a mid-module check in this week. Students continue to develop expressions using numbers and letters involving real world situations. Students should practice IXL for 20 minutes each weekday.
Math B: 
Students completed their study guide for the Module 4 Assessment on Monday. Students should study over the weekend. Then, we will begin Module 5: Statistics and Probability.
Math C:
Students use the distributive property to expand and simplify expressions.
Students completed their study on The Cell Theory by presenting student choice projects and a quiz. Next week, students will begin learning about plant and animal cells.
Important Dates:
IAR Math Testing: Mon 3/21- Wed. 3/23
Natural Leaders Assembly Thurs 3/24
5/6 Marketplace Fri 3/25
Spring Break Mon 3/28- Fri 4/1
School Resumes Mon 4/4
Thank you for your continued partnership and support! Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.