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Classroom News

Hello 6th grade Families,

Thank you for joining us for student led conferences. I hope you enjoyed your students slideshow presentations. If you were unable to attend, ask your student to share with you over the weekend. Monday is PI day (3.14) and we will be cooking in Math. Students will make an individual pizza pie and have the opportunity to have a taste of strawberry pie. Please have your student bring lunch to school per usual.

IAR testing begins next week and will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning for ELA. Please help your student remember to charge their chromebook each night and bring it to school. This is homework every night now, but is essential for IAR testing.

Please check in with your student and remind them to check the 6th grade homework calendar each day for assignments and reminders.

Math A:
Students read expressions in which letters stand for numbers. They assign operation terms to operations when reading.  Students identify parts of an algebraic expression using mathematical terms for all operations. Students will complete a mid module checkpoint next week in class. I encourage all students to practice IXL at home 20 minutes each day.

Math B:
Students write and use algebraic expressions and equations to solve percent word problems related to mixtures.​ Students will complete the Module 4 assessment next Friday. We will work on a study guide on Monday for their review throughout the week. ​

​Math C:
Students learned the properties of equality to solve one-step and multiple-step equations. They understood that applying the same step on both sides of an equation does not change the equality. Students used previous lessons on Geometry and wrote and solved their own equations. Next week, students will learn the distributive property and the different types of solutions for linear equations.

We began Unit 5: The Structure of Life. Students learned that cells are the basic unit of life. Students are able to determine non living and living things around them. We will continue the study of cells, learning specifically about plant and animal cells.
​Upcoming Dates to Remember:
Tues 3/15-Thurs 3/17: ​IAR ELA
Mon 3/21-Wed 3/23: IAR Math
Thurs 3/24 Natural Leader’s Assembly
Don’t forget to spring your clocks forward this weekend! Please be in touch with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your continued partnership and support.