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Classroom News

Hello Families,
Please remind your student to charge their chromebook at home each night. Students need to come to school prepared, with a fully charged chromebook, and not need to charge it at school during the day. Valentine’s day is Monday, however, we will be celebrating with a movie on Thursday. If your student would like to pass out Valentine’s, they must do so for each student in our homeroom class. 
Math A
Students completed the end of module 3 study guide today in class. They should study over the weekend and on Monday. The assessment will be on Tuesday, 2/15. Then, we will begin Module 4: Expressions and Equations. 
Math B
Students began Module 4: Percent and Proportional Relationships. Students use the context of a word problem to determine which of two quantities represents the whole.  Students understand that the whole is 100% and think of one quantity as a percent of another using the formula Quantity = Percent × Whole to problem-solve when given two terms out of three from a quantity, whole, and percent.  When comparing two quantities, students compute percent more or percent less using algebraic, numeric, and visual models.
Students continue their study of Oceans and Water in small groups working on specific Biome projects. Each group will create a diorama and research specific criteria. Finally, students will present their diorama and findings to the class. Students have been instructed to use materials from home or school and should not need to buy additional products. This collaborative project will be completed throughout next week in class.
Important Dates To Remember:
Valentine’s Day: Mon 2/14, Celebration on Thurs 2/17
Tues 2/15: Math A assessment
Thurs 2/17: Early Release 1pm, Valentine’s Celebration
Fri 2/18: No School, Teacher Inservice
Mon 2/21: No School, President’s Day
Fri 2/25: Early Release 1pm, Teacher Inservice, End of Trimester 2