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Classroom News

Hello 6th grade families,
Taco bar Monday was a huge success in our math classes. Students worked hard to prepare vegetarian tacos, including making the shells from scratch. In EE this week, students worked in small groups to create a shelter for an outdoor mammal (hot water jar). They had 10 minutes to create the space and then we monitored the water temperature from start to finish. It was really fantastic seeing the creative methods students came up with to provide warmth for their mammal.
Our class has filled our reward puff jar. On Tuesday, we are going sledding at the Homestead. Students may bring sleds to school on that day (they will be stored at our outside backdoor) and MUST bring snow pants, boots, etc. to attend.
Math A
Students took a mid module assessment for module 3.ย Students extend their understanding of the coordinate plane to include all four quadrants and recognize that the axes (identified as the ๐‘ฅ๐‘ฅ-axis and ๐‘ฆ๐‘ฆ-axis) of the coordinate plane divide the plane into four regions called quadrants (that are labeled from first to fourth and are denoted by roman numerals).ย 
โ€‹Math B
Students in math B took a module assessment, covering skills learned throughout the entire module 3. After reviewing scores and noticing some of the earlier concepts weren’t mastered as a whole, we paused, discussed study habits in general (ie.: using study hall time to review math concepts, practicing concepts, etc) and how to study for assessments.โ€‹ Students did a fantastic job reviewing and will have the opportunity to retake the assessment on Monday. Then, we will comfortably move forward to Module 4.
Math C
Students develop the definition of a circle using diameter and radius.ย  Students know that the distance around a circle is called the circumference and discover that the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is a special number called pi, written ๐œ‹.ย  Students know the formula for the circumference ๐ถ of a circle, of diameter ๐‘‘, and radius ๐‘Ÿ. They use scale models to derive these formulas.
Students completed their Choice Ocean Projects in class and began presentations today in class. We will complete presentations on Monday, then move on to our Biome projects. Presentations are an important part of communication and help students share what they have learned. Most importantly, presenting helps students build confidence.
Upcoming Dates:
Mon 2/7 Candor Health Presentation
Tues 2/8 Sledding, bring warm gear!!!
Thurs 2/17 Early Release 1pm, Valentine’s Party
Fri 2/18 No School, teacher inservice
Mon 2/21 No School, Presidents’ Day
Please remind your student to check the homework calendar daily. Also, chromebooks need to be charged at home, not in school during the day. Please remind your student to charge their chromebook at home each night.
Have a great weekend!