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Classroom News

Hello Families,
Candor Health Education will join our classroom via zoom on Monday, February 7th. Please read the 6th grade health education letter for more information. This Monday, all math classes will cook during their class period. This month’s feature includes “taco bar Monday.” Each student will enjoy a small taco. Please send lunch per usual. 
​Math A
Students apply understanding of order and absolute value when examining real-world scenarios. Students realize, for instance, that the depth of a location below sea level is the absolute value of a negative number, while the height of an object above sea level is the absolute value of a positive number. Next week, students will complete a study guide on Tuesday, followed by their mid-module 3 assessment on Wednesday during class.
Math B
Students solve real-world and mathematical problems involving volume and surface areas of three dimensional objects composed of cubes and right prisms. Students will complete a study guide on Tuesday, followed by their Module 3 assessment on Thursday during class.
Math C
Students developed the definition of a circle using diameter and radius. They learned the distance around a circle is called the circumference. Students discovered that the ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is pi. They used 22/7 and 3.14 as estimates for pi. Next week, students determine areas of circles.


​Students continue to learn about ocean currents and weather. On Monday, students will participate in a hands-on experiment replicating ocean currents. Students will then research and learn more about the oceans by choosing an ocean project topic (examples provided) and put together a plan for how they will present their findings. 
All students have chromebook chargers at home for their school chromebooks. Those who have left them at school, have them in their backpacks today. It is very important that students charge their computers at home each night so that they are ready for classes the following day. Thank you!
Have a fantastic weekend.