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Classroom News

I hope that this email finds you well! In math yesterday, students made sweet potato brownies using sweet potatoes grown here at PCCS. They turned out delicious and were loved by many. Integrating cooking into our mathematics lessons has been a fantastic experience for students.
Math A: 
Students continue to study multiplication and division of ratios. I encourage all students to continue working on this skill using IXL. For division, we use the method “keep, change, flip.” I’ve attached an example here for your reference.
Math B:
Students are solving for “x” in algebraic equations. They also related deposits and withdrawals to real-world situations using a bank statement. Next week, we will complete our study guide for module 2 and take our assessment upon our return from break.
Math C:
Students applied their knowledge of calculations with rational numbers to determine the value of an investment’s balance over a period of time. They also began solving algebraic equations. Students explored two-step equations and how to solve them using the properties of equality. They isolated the variable by “peeling the layers of an onion.” Students read word problems and determined the appropriate equation to model the situation. Next week, students will begin Module 3: Expressions and Equations.
We began our study of Earth Systems with the layers of the earth. We will continue this next week and beyond. I am really impressed with students’ enthusiasm and desire to learn about our earth!
Don’t forget, conferences are on Monday with your students’ homeroom teacher! In addition, we have early releases on Monday and Tuesday, with students released at 1:00pm, and no school Wednesday-Friday. I hope that you have a restful time off. Please be in touch with any questions that you may have. Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

Warm Regards,