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Classroom News

Good Evening Families,
I hope you were all able to get outdoors and enjoy the lovely weather this weekend. It’s hard to believe that this Friday, November 12th, marks the end of our first trimester. Students have an early release at 1:00pm.
Math A:
Students are learning about the percent of a quantity. Given a part and the percent, students solve problems involving finding the whole.  Students are also comparing decimals to fractions and percentages. I encourage all students to continue working on IXL diagnostic and teacher recommendation mode. Students will complete a study guide in class this week for module 1, with the assessment taking place on Monday, November 15th.
Math B:
Students continue to convert fractions and decimals. They’ve been working on evaluating expressions using multiplication and division. On Monday, students will complete their study guide for our mid-module assessment, and take the assessment on Tuesday, November 9th.
Math C:
Students explored terminating and repeating decimals. They discovered that all rational numbers can be represented as a decimal that either terminates or repeats. Students used long division, place value, and equivalent fractions to convert between fractions and decimals. They evaluated expressions involving multiplication and division of rational numbers by applying the properties of operations. The Book Project is due Nov. 8.
Students are working on an adaptation project, where they are “building a beast” based on provided environmental conditions and “beast” traits. Students will continue working on this project, with the final draft due on Friday, Nov. 12th at the beginning of class.
Dates to remember:
Friday, Nov. 12th: End of Trimester 1, Early Release @ 1pm
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Have a fantastic evening! ​