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Classroom News

Hello Families!
Students participated in “Marketplace” on Friday and enjoyed buying and selling goods. Each hawks ticket they earn converts to $10 in spending. Students learn how to write a check and can sell to students or buy items if they choose. It is a good learning experience for all and we will typically hold this day on the last Friday of each month.
Due to weather, we had to push back our Joey Fine Rhyme assembly until next Tuesday. Fingers crossed for dry weather, as the assembly is outdoors. We also had to move our Halloween parties indoors. We want to send an extra big Thank You to all of you that helped prepare for the party, and an extra Thank You to Mrs. Sanborn for all of her prep and leg work. We are really grateful!
Math A:
Students learned how to represent fractions using decimals and percentages. They also learned how to represent fractions as a whole and part of a whole. Students should continue to work on these skills using IXL teacher recommendations.
Math B:
Students learned how to add/subtract negative and positive numbers and multiply/divide negative and positive numbers. Students will continue their study of multiplication and division of rational numbers in the coming weeks.
Math C:
Students continued their study of multiplication of rational numbers. They understood multiplying negatives can be represented as repeated subtraction. Students determined products and quotients of signed rational numbers. Next week students will study decimals that terminate in 0’s or repeat. The Book Project is due Nov. 8.
Students continued their study of evolution through the study of the different era’s and what each represents. Students created a timeline and corresponding notecards with their research that they will use to present their findings to the class. We will continue our study of evolution and understanding of how species adapted throughout time. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I appreciate your partnership!