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Classroom News

Hello Families,
Fall has arrived and the cooler temperatures seem to be here to stay. Please remember to have your student bring warm outerwear for outdoor learning and recess.
Math A:
Ratio tables, graphing, and equations! Students are working on completing ratio tables and graphs using a given equation using real world experiences as their examples. Students relate (x,y) labels on the ratio table to the (x,y) axises on a graph.
Math B:
Students are adding and subtracting both positive and negative numbers using a number line to show their work. Students model the relationship between a negative/negative becoming positive and how using a vertical/horizontal number line can model an increase or decrease in a number.
Math C:
Students found the distance between two points on a number line. Students practiced finding the sum and differences of two numbers, first as integers and then as rational numbers. They rewrote subtractions as the addition of a number’s opposite. Students reviewed the properties of operations and justified steps using the properties.
Students presented their hominid projects to the class and received feedback. Then, they began working individually (or in pairs) on a “survival of the fittest” comic strip representing key vocabulary terms including: overpopulation, successful reproduction, inherited variation, and struggle to survive. Students chose an animal or plant species for their comic strip as we continue to learn about Evolution.
Dates to remember:
​Thurs. 10/28, Joey FineRhyme Assembly
Fri. 10/29, Marketplace 10/29
Fri. 10/29, Halloween parade (Comstock) 2pm, classroom parties 2:15