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Classroom News

Hello Families,
I hope you all enjoy the extended weekend and I look forward to your student returning on Tuesday, October 11th. Next week is Spirit Week at PCCS. Please help your student remember to participate by reminding them of each day’s theme. Our goal is to earn our spirit medallion each day! We kick off Tuesday with PCCS Spirit wear. If you don’t have spirit wear, wear green!
Math A:
Students in Math A took their mid-module assessment this week. Students are expected to complete test corrections over the weekend (if applicable) and obtain their parents signature so that I know you went over the assessment together. Next week, we will continue learning about ratios and equations using tables and graphs. Please encourage your student to practice their multiplication facts each day for mastery. Multiplication facts are an essential part of math processes.
Math B:
Students in Math B took their module 1 assessment this week. They will receive their tests back next week and have an opportunity to complete test corrections as necessary. Then, we will move onto negative and positive numbers using a number line.
Math C:
Students explored positive and negative numbers and used the number line to determine sums of positive and negative numbers. They understood absolute value as a number’s distance from zero. Students used number lines to move distances either to the left or right, understanding that moving in the negative direction is to the left and positive direction is to the right. Next week, students will study the inverse relationship between adding and subtracting.
Next Thursday, October 14th, all math classes will participate in delicious math, making a quinoa dish using vegetables from our garden beds. 
Students are studying evolution and early humans in class. Students will begin small group research and presentation projects in class next week as we continue our study of early humans. 
Thank you for your continued partnership and support! Please be in touch with any questions or concerns.