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Classroom News

Hello Families,
Happy Fall! I am so impressed by our 6th graders! They are innovative, inclusive, and work together to problem solve. One of our students asked if it would be ok to put a “Buddy Bench” at the soccer fields because they noticed a 5th grader alone at recess. We thought this was a fantastic idea and reached out to the administration for the ok and got to work. Students worked together and wrote positive messages and drew pictures on two benches made by our 7th/8th grade students. The feedback was incredible, as the Buddy Bench was utilized the very first day! Ask your student what the purpose of a buddy bench is. Way to go 6th graders!
Students are learning about Charles Darwin and his theories and  viewpoints on the topic, Evolution. We will continue to study Darwin, along with other scientific viewpoints throughout this week and beyond.
Math A
Multiplication facts 1-12 are at the forefront of priority. I encourage your students to practice their multiplication facts each day for 15 minutes. Mastery is truly key in all of our mathematical studies. In class, students are studying ratio tables and how to create an equation that correlates directly to the ratio table using the values (x,y).
Math B
Students are working on identifying the scale factor of two images and calculations. We will continue to study scale factors throughout the week, including identifying the scale for both enlargements and reductions.
Math C
Students continued their study of scale factors. They used scale factor to determine scale area. Students designed their own floor plans to scale using an appropriate scale factor and actual length measurements. Next week, students will be able to determine the scale factor given the scale drawing of a different scale. Students will take the Module 1 End-of-Module Assessment on Thursday.
Dates to remember:
Monday, 9/27, marketplace for students during CREW. Please remind your students 🙂
Tuesday, 9/28, 1st trimester midterms
Friday, 10/1, Picture retakes
I encourage all students to check the 6th grade homework calendar daily for important information. You may also bookmark this for reference. Please be in touch with any questions or concerns.
Have a lovely day!