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Classroom News

Hello 6th Grade Families,
I hope you are doing well and enjoy the long weekend. I look forward to students returning to school on Tuesday, September 7th. Please remind your student to charge their chomebook each night so that it is fully charged upon arrival each day. This week, students took the NWEA for Math and Reading. Students will complete unfinished tests throughout the school week as needed. I’ve included a link for 6th grade photos taken during the school day by Mrs. Steinbeck and I. I will put it on the website as well and we will add to this collection throughout the school year.
Math A
Students in Math A are working on mastering multiplication facts for 0-12. I highly recommend that students work on this skill using the worksheet that I provided, flashcards, or with a partner each day for 10-15 minutes. In addition, students are learning about tape diagrams in relation to ratios.
Math B
Students in math B are learning about proportional and nonproportional relationships and how to determine this by identifying the origin of (x,y). In addition, students use the constant of proportionality to represent relationships by equations in real-world contexts on a table and graph.
Students completed The Scientific Method this week in class. Though some experiments are still in process, students were able to model the processes they used in a written report, identifying the specific steps for the scientific method, and present their findings to their peers. Students also learned about “constraints” and “criteria” in relationship to problems that are able to be scientifically examined.
Dates to Remember
Monday, September 7, No School Labor Day
Wednesday, September 15, Early Release 1:00pm
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I appreciate your partnership and support. Have a lovely weekend!