Classroom News

Good Afternoon,
What a beautiful day today. Spring is in the air. First, thank you all for attending student-led conferences last week. Your student put a lot of effort into their binders and practiced presenting with a peer. It was nice seeing you all and touching base. I am very proud of all of your students. This week, we have our Benkadi assembly on Thursday morning, as well as, drumming in the afternoon. We are really looking forward to this event! Additionally, we have our outdoor Pioneer Simulation tomorrow afternoon. Thank you for volunteering and sending in supplies. We really appreciate it. All supplies will be returned on Friday.
In Math: 4th grade students are working hard on division and multiplication facts. These skills are important in all Mathematics as they move forward. Students should continue to work on these facts at home using IXL, flashcards, or other methods that your student prefers. In class, we continue to build on our multiplication and division skills using arrays, standard algorithms, and problem strings.
In Reading: Students completed their leveled novels and we will begin working on our Novel studies this week. Students will be able to choose from a list of activities that will connect to their reading and comprehension skills. We also continue with our Daily 5 routine in class.
In SS/Science: We continue with our Pioneer Simulation. Students are in wagon groups completing challenges, facing daily fate cards, and working together to make decisions for their wagon group. On Tuesday, we will participate in an outdoor simulation with Ms. Naomi in the afternoon.
In Spelling: Students receive word sorts each Monday. It is important that they learn to spell and properly use each word in a sentence throughout the week. Spelling sentences are due on Friday morning. 3rd graders should have 10 complete sentences and 4th graders should have 15 complete sentences each week. Thank you for your partnership.
Upcoming dates: Spring Break No School Mon. March 25- Fri. March 29th. School will reconvene on Monday, April 1st. Have a great week! Please contact me with any comments or concerns.