Classroom News

Good Afternoon,
I hope this email finds you well. We have been working hard in class learning new concepts and expanding our knowledge. Tomorrow, we will meet with our book buddies and do an activity with them about Eating Real and using less stuff.
We continue to work on classroom expectations and general expectations when interacting with our peers to create a strong classroom environment of learners.
In Science/SS, we are learning about Inherited Vs. Learned traits with plants and animals. We are also studying adaptations and connecting this learning to our Writing unit. We will be writing Informative Papers about Animal Adaptations and traits.
In 4th grade Math, we are learning about The Standard Addition and Subtraction Algorithm’s, as well as, other addition and subtraction strategies. Students will compare the strategies and decide on which method best suits them. We will continue our fraction and decimal work as well.
In Reading, we continue to work on our Daily 5 skills, reading to self, someone, word work and spelling, as well as, listening to reading and working with myself in a small group. Students are doing a very nice job reading to their peers.
In Spelling, students continue to receive a weekly sort of words. The words are correctly sorted and written in their writing notebooks prior to the end of class on Monday’s. Please have your student sort their words and learn the meaning of each word throughout the school week. They should be able to properly use each word in a sentence by Friday. 3rd grade: 10 sentences due on Friday and 4th grade: 15 sentences due on Friday.
Please remind your student to bring warm gloves, hats, snow pants, and boots to school so that they are comfortable when we do our outdoor activities. Homework is updated daily and located here. You can sync this calendar to your phone or computer.
Thank you for your continued partnership. We have a wonderful group of learners in the 3/4 class. Have a wonderful afternoon!