Classroom News

Good Evening,
I hope you all are doing well! Please take a look at our Green Team’s Green Gazette Newsletter. It is full of great information. Today, our class was able to see the play “Annie” performed by the Drama Club students. They did a wonderful job and our class really enjoyed the performance. Conference Sign Ups are now available. Please let me know if you have any questions and note that the time is Central. I look forward to meeting with you and your student and sharing some of their work with you.
In Social Studies/Science, we are learning about Early Illinois Settlers. Students participated in a trading activity this week, much like the early settlers would have. Students were unable to communicate verbally during this activity, to represent the language barriers of early settlers. Students had to trade items to make sure all of their core “needs” were met and then were able to trade for their “wants” if they had items left. This activity was enjoyed by all. We followed with a discussion of our needs and wants. We will continue to learn about early settlers in the upcoming weeks. Ask your student about Cahokia.
In Writing/Spelling students continue to have weekly spelling words. I encourage you to have your student study the meaning of the word as well. Please remember that 3rd graders have 10 sentences due at each Friday and 4th graders have 15 sentences due each Friday. We just completed our Informative Essay. Students did a wonderful job researching their topics and using a graphic organizer to produce a rough draft, then a final draft.
We are also creating Fractured Fairytales with the help of an Author who visits our class once a week. Mrs. Rompella has been a great resource of information and I look forward to our students finished pieces.
In Reading, we are completing our novels. 3rd grade read The Chocolate Touch and 4th grade The Underworld. We will complete this unit with grade level discussions during our daily five rotations and a small project. Additionally, we continue to read to self, read to a peer, and listen to reading.
In 4th grade Math, we are learning about fractions.  We are adding fractions, subtracting fractions, and learning to represent fractions with a picture. We will continue to master these skills in the upcoming weeks. We used an egg carton method to discuss how 1/2 of the egg carton would be equal to 6 eggs and 1/4 of the egg carton would be equal to 3 eggs. Students are also learning how to simplify fractions. For example: 6/12 is also equal to 1/2.  Students are learning about numerators and denominators and how to change the denominator when adding or subtracting to make it “common.” At home, students should continue to work on their multiplication facts.
Fourth grade students will participate in our school Geography Bee. If you wish for your student to study for this, you may look at this resource. There will be a finalist and alternate chosen after the classroom Geo Bee. From there, we will have a school Geo Bee. More information to come on the specific date for the School Geo Bee. Thank you!
Please remember that your students Earth Keeper’s Y Key packet is due on November 26th.
Upcoming dates to Remember:
Mon. November 19th: Early Dismissal
Tues. November 20th: Early Dismissal
Wed. November 21st-Fri. November 23rd: No School
Mon. November 26th: School Resumes
Thank you for your continued partnership. Have a wonderful weekend.