Classroom News

Good Afternoon,
I hope you all are having a great weekend. A few reminders for this week. On Thursday, October 4th, we have an early dismissal with school ending at 1:00pm. We have no school on Friday, October 5th and no school on Monday, October 8th.
Next week, we have our field trip on Tuesday, October 9th and Wednesday October 10th. Thank you very much for volunteering to attend with us. If you’ve been chosen to attend, you will receive a separate email. Please know that there will be more volunteer opportunities to come. If you haven’t returned your students permission slip/money, please do so Monday morning. Thank you!
If you have any extra lettuce, Kale, or greens at home that are on the verge of going “bad” please feel free to send them into school with your student. Our tortoise friend Scratch would love your leftovers for a snack. 🙂
Students are working on paragraph structure and building writing skills. We take notes in our Writing journals to help guide us, work hands on in creating short papers in class, and are ultimately working towards our Informative paper that will take place in the next couple of weeks.
Students continue to work within our Daily 5 curriculum. We read to self, read to someone, work on writing, and are also listening to reading using the website Epic. Additionally, students are working in small groups reading articles, writing about them, and reporting their findings to the class.
Students continue to work each week with a new word sort provided to them on Monday. 3rd graders are expected to have 10 sentences in their spelling book by Friday and 4th graders should have 15 sentences by Friday. Though students work in class on their spelling sorts, I encourage you to work with them at home also so that they master each sort.
Students continue to work within our 3 ecosystems: Woodland, Prairie, and Wetlands. As we complete these units, we will begin studying the History of Illinois.
Solo Spots/Phenology:
Each week we rotate Solo Spots and Phenology. During Phenology, there is a direct prompt provided to students based on the season. We record the weather, time of day, and observe our surrounding. During Solo Spots, students are either provided a prompt or free write in their nature spot.
4th grade Math continues to build multiplication and division skills. Flashcards are a great tool at home for your student to work on their facts. I also recommend using IXL. Each student has their own login. Students are learning to multiply using different methods, such as base ten and arrays. This week, we will continue building arrays, multiplying by ten, one hundred, and one thousand, and also multiplying single digits by multiples of 10. Please continue to work on multiplication skills at home.
3rd grade Math: Please see Mrs. Larson’s Webpage.
Thank you for your continued support and partnership. Ask your student to share with you our “flexible seating” options during daily 5 and other activities. Have a great rest of the day!