Classroom News

Good Afternoon,
I hope you all are enjoying this wonderful weather with few mosquitos :). Please remember to return your students EarthKeepers Permission Form and Money tomorrow if you have not done so already. We are really looking forward to this field trip!
4th Grade Math took their Unit 1 test this past week and also their Unit 2 pre-assessment. In Unit 2, Students determine the area of each base ten area piece in square centimeters and discuss the idea that area of each piece represents its place value. They build models of the base ten area through 10,000 for display. Additionally, Students will model with mathematics, reason abstractly and quantitatively. Students will also use relative sizes such as centimeters, decimeters, and meters to represent area while building and creating the Great Wall. Please continue to encourage your student to work on their multiplication facts at home, as well as, practice skills on IXL.
3rd Grade Math:
Please refer to Mrs. Larson’s webpage.
Students are currently wrapping up their narrative pieces. They began with a topic, sorting their information on a graphic organizer. Then, they wrote rough drafts. Student switched papers with a peer and edited papers. Students will complete their Final Drafts on Monday morning in class. Students are also free writing during our Daily 5. This is a great opportunity for me to work with students individually on their punctuation and grammar skills.
In Daily 5, students read to self, read to someone, work on writing, and also work in small leveled reading groups. Together, they read the same book and then speak about it in a small group and also present their findings to the class or Mr. Siegel and myself. This also helps students develop public speaking skills.
In Science/SS:
We continue to work on our Wetlands, Woodlands, and Prairie Units. It has been wonderful watching students make connections to our environment throughout these units. Students have discovered and researched organisms, plants, and learned about Illinois now and how it once was.
In Spelling:
Students work in 3 groups, Woodland, Wetland, and Prairie. They bring home their words on Monday’s and should sort them nightly. We sort words together in class on Monday’s. If you ever have questions about your students sort, please feel free to email me. Spelling tests are each Friday. Students have 10 random words from their sort, 3 sentence words where they must pose a sentence with a word provided to them, and a bonus word related to their sort. 3rd grade: 10 spelling sentences are due on Friday and 4th grade: 15 spelling words are due on Friday. This allows students several days to complete their sentences.
We continue to do calm classroom daily as a class. It takes about 2-3 minutes and is a nice moment for all of us to be mindful and re-center ourselves. Thank you so much for your partnership! What a wonderful classroom of students we have!