Change of Environment

Although we did get outside this afternoon, we had a change of plans in what surrounded us! Instead of visiting our class tree (we will wait for our 2nd tree to change into some fall color… 🙂 ), students tried their hand at texture words!

Students have been building their vocabulary to make more meaningful and descriptive observations, whether that is of our class tree, mealworms, or brassica. Recently, students focused on texture words. They made connections to words such as “smooth” and “slimy” before reaching into a bag and feeling a mystery object (number one rule: no peeking!). Students made some guesses, used texture words to describe what they felt, and connected it to other objects they had experienced that had the same texture. Although each table had a different object with very different textures, they were surprised to see that they were all leaves! The class discovered that there is true variety in nature, even when looking at the same kind of object.

Today, students sat outside of our classroom near the gardens, writing the textures they felt. Next to these words, they drew a picture of the part of nature that they felt the texture from. For example, some students found the bumpy texture of a tree trunk. They wrote “bumpy” in their nature journal and drew a picture of the tree next to it. Here are some of the descriptive texture words that students felt in nature today and shared with the class:

  • rough
  • hard
  • bumpy
  • smooth
  • lumpy
  • spiky
  • soft
  • slimy
  • scratchy

What textures can your child find around the house or in the yard? Are there new words they could add to our list?

Mrs. Buesking