Bring on The Creative Writing and Poetry

This week we will begin our short stories. Following that we begin our Poetry Slam.  Don’t forget that prewriting is paramount to a successful writing experience. Brainstorm—–rough draft—read aloud—-peer edit—–revise—-read aloud—-publish.

Use all the tools in your tool box; literary devices, stronge vocabulary, sensory words, create mood (suspense, humor, fear), develop characters, and don’t forget purposeful dialogue.

“The inhuman shriek split the night once more.  This time it came from behind her.  Miranda turned slowly, her heart pounding.  The willows quivered as something huge forced its way through the thicket.   Her eyes widened and she whimpered as…”  

Look Behind You! Creating Suspense By Mary Rosenblum

When you revise, look hard at the words you’ve chosen: Are they descriptive of characters or setting?  Do they move the plot forward? Do they suit the mood you are striving for?


Soon, we will start our poetry unit. As part of that unit, we will celebrate with a Poetry Slam.  Watch this video to prepare for your poetic debut.

I hope you’re looking forward to getting started.