Blue Math Group Assignment

Parents of Blue math group students, I assigned a homework assignment on Fri., Oct. 16th for which your student may need your help. Since we studied taxes, tips and discounts in class this past week, I assigned an activity in which each student is to use a receipt that they or a family member obtained over the weekend to calculate items we discussed in class this week, such as percent of tax, percent of discount, amount of tip, etc. The idea is to take what was learned in class and see how it applies in their lives. Each receipt will be different, so the calculations that can be done will be different (some may be able to calculate a tip percent, others will not). An assignment sheet was handed out with details, and it is due on Wed. Oct. 21st. If this is not a shopping weekend for your family, an older receipt can certainly be used. I hope students have fun seeing how the concepts they covered in class show up in real life! (One receipt is required, but students can earn extra credit by submitting calculations for up to three different receipts.)