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Anti-Bullying Week (Part 2)

We have done several things over the last three days to continue our exploration into what we can do to make sure bullying does not happen in our classroom or in our school.  We finished up our posters to go with our value of “Make Peace” that we learned from I am Gandhi.  We also were introduced to the Anti-bullying pledge.  We read the pledge and then discussed what each part of the pledge meant.  We decided this was a good pledge to take and signed that we would help each other stand up for each other and not be bystanders.

To help us even more with this, we read the book The Invisible Boy.  In this story, a boy name Brian feels invisible because he is ignored by the rest of his classmates.  He reaches out to Justin, a new boy, who sees all the great things Brian does and is a great friend to him…making him not feel invisible any more.

Even though Anti-Bullying week is done, we will continue to work together to know each other better and stand up for each other.