A Thank You and Updates

The Smisking Team wants to send out another huge thank you to all the parents who came in to see the Halloween parade and help out with the party afterwards. Special thanks to Kellie Ramos for gathering and planning the activities and festivities for our class. We had a blast and know the kids did as well.


Halloween Parade

Here are some more memories from Friday!


We also had our very first super student revealed last week. The class spent several days reading the mystery poster and taking guesses at who it could be. Our first Smisking super student was…




Evelyn had the chance to share some more about her poster, take questions from students, and be celebrated as our mystery super student! Our next super student will begin this week.

In writing, the class is continuing to practice opinion writing as they include reasons into their pieces. They’ve  seen how the order of our writing affects how clearly the reader can understand our thoughts. A challenge last week was to take a jumbled opinion piece cut into strips and arrange these sentences in the most organized way. They based it off what they know about the structure of an opinion piece.  Working with a partner, students put the sentences in order, we discussed the order as a class, and then each student glued their sentences down on a larger piece of construction paper.

In science, we are seeing how the observation of plants and insects is coming full circle. Students are seeing the life cycles from seed to grown plant and from egg to adult. Last week, our brassica had something new! Students have observed that seedpods are starting to grow in place of the yellow flowers that had bloomed. Once they have dried, we will open up the seedpods and see what’s inside! Will we be able to re-grow a new brassica plant? The class is excited to see!

Mrs. Buesking