7th Grade – Civil War Biography Project List

Below please find the list of possible subjects for your Civil War Biography Subject. Remember, if you have a name and state of an ancestor who fought in the War, and you want to research them instead, that’s fine. (*** – Designates someone who relates to at least one site on the 8th Grade Virginia Trip)


Edward Porter Alexander*** – Longstreet’s artillery chief, a very good soldier

Lewis Armistead*** – Confederate commander who took part in Pickett’s charge

Francis Barlow*** – Excellent Union commander who was loved by the ladies

Clara Barton*** –nicknamed “The Angel of the Battlefield”, started the Red Cross

P.G.T. Beauregard – Conf. commander who fired on Fort Sumter

John Wilkes Booth*** – radical actor who assassinated President Lincoln

Belle Boyd – female Conf. spy

Matthew Brady*** – photographer who took most of the pictures of the Civil War

Braxton Bragg – Conf. commander who sometimes argued with himself

John Buford*** – Union cavalry commander who started the battle of Gettysburg

Ambrose Burnside*** – Union commander at Fredericksburg and Antietam

Daniel Butterfield*** – Union commander who wrote the song “Taps”

Samuel Colt – gun manufacturer who supplied the Union with guns

George Custer – arrogant and “crazy-brave” Union cavalry commander

Frederick Douglass – abolitionist who was a slave but bought his own freedom

Jubal Early – Conf. Commander who tried to attack Washington, D.C.

David Farragut – Union naval commander who was a genius

Richard Garnett*** – Conf. Commander who had to prove himself at Gettysburg

John Gibbon*** – Union commander of one of the hardest fighting corps

Winfield Scott Hancock*** – Union general who was nicknamed “The Superb”

William Babcock Hazen – Union commander who was always in the right place at the right time during battle

Harry Heth*** – Conf. Commander who “accidentally” started Gettysburg

Ambrose Powell Hill*** – Conf. General who hated Stonewall Jackson

Joseph Hooker*** – Union commander who got whipped at Chancellorsville

Albert Sidney Johnston – the highest ranking Confederate officer killed in battle

Wladimir Krzyzanowski – Polish officer who assisted us in the war

John Logan –Illinois general who helped start Memorial Day after the war

Irvin McDowell – Union commander at Bull Run, the first battle of the war

Wilmer McLean*** – Virginia storeowner who could say that the war started in his back yard and ended in his living room

George Meade*** – Union commander at Gettysburg

John S. Mosby – Confederate cavalryman who fought guerilla-style

George E. Pickett*** – Conf. General who led the most famous charge of the war, and never forgave Lee for it

Allan Pinkerton – The first head of the Secret Service

John Pope – Union commander who was embarrassed by Stonewall Jackson

Benjamin Prentiss – Union commander who held off Confederate attacks in the Hornet’s Nest before surrendering, and kept the Battle of Shiloh from being a complete Union disaster

John Reynolds*** – Union general who was the first Corps commander to arrive in Gettysburg, and paid the price

John Sedgwick*** – Union general loved by his men, and died an ironic death

Robert Gould Shaw – Union commander of the 54th Massachusetts, the first all-black soldier regiment

Phil Sheridan – Union cavalry commander who hated Indians

George Thomas – Union commander nicknamed “The Rock of Chickamauga”

Emory Upton*** – Young Union commander who developed a new and brilliant way to attack the enemy

Walt Whitman – Poet who wrote many poems about the war, and also acted as a nurse in Union hospitals

Henry Wirz – Conf. commander in charge of Andersonville Prison; some people think he was hanged for no reason