5-8 PE update: Workouts and Gymnastics

The last few weeks have gone by very fast!  The students finished up their broomball unit and we rolled right into some workouts and Gymnastics.  Our Gymnastics unit is not done yet and we will continue learning some new skills through this week and into next week.  Some of the skills we have learned are: Tripods, frog stands, headstands, cartwheels, wall walks and handstands.  The students are having a lot of fun learning these new skills and are surprising themselves with their accomplishments.  We also did some workouts to continue building upper body strength.  I have been adding in an advanced option to the workout to go along with the regular option.  The only difference is the amount of reps the students perform.  One workout, for example, was 5 push ups Every Minute on the Minute(EMOM).  The advanced option was 10 push ups.  It is awesome to see so many students choosing the advanced option to push themselves in the workouts.  One workout we did was a 4 minute AMRAP(as many rounds as possible) of 15 or 25 sit ups while your partner held a medicine ball overhead.  The students did an amazing job with the workout and were definitely feeling the effects on their core!  Below are some pictures from the workout.



20150403_091449 20150403_091443 20150403_082737 20150402_102433