5-8 Newsletter

The past few weeks have gone by way too fast!  Winter break is a few days away and the students are all very excited.  The past few weeks we have been in our basketball unit.  The students worked on their dribbling, passing and shooting skills during numerous drills and activities.  I was very surprised at how much the students enjoyed knockout and lighting.  Knockout and lightning are shooting games in which there are 2 shooters and the second shooter is trying to get the first shooter out.  If the second shooter makes a basket before the first shooter, the first shooter is out.  If the first shooter makes a basket first the ball is passed to the next person in line and they shoot to get the second shooter out.  The cycle continues until there is 1 person left.  Lighting is similar but when the shooter that got you out gets out you get to reenter the game.

We also found some time to improve our fitness. The students worked on: Lunges, burpees, Sit ups, ring rows, russian twists with med. balls and jump rope.  I also had the students do an endurance test of increasing shuttle runs every minute on the minute until they couldn’t complete the work.  The students did an amazing job!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy time on break with their familiy!

Mr. Corra