Update 10/20/19

Hi Families!

Quick notes to know:


  • 10/18- October Book Orders due online code P83VZ
  • 10/22/19 Picture Retakes
  • 10/23/19 Early Release (snunch- no nuts please), cut off for signing up for F2T
  • 10/24/19 PSO Town Hall 7pm
  • 10/25/19 Natural Leaders Assembly
  • 10/25 Pizza Friday (orders due by 10/21) Volunteers needed

 Pizza Friday Flyer



  • Volunteer Required Form We are SO thrilled for the many volunteers we have had. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing our school can create special learning experiences that just simply wouldn’t be possible without our volunteers! From field trips to Farm to Table, we truly appreciate all you do! Please make sure to complete the requirements for parent volunteers, as it is necessary in order to volunteer. As we have an approaching Halloween party, I don’t want any volunteers to miss out due to forgotten paperwork. I am grateful for your effort and time! 
  • We just finished our economics unit. The students worked so hard at their apple cider stand! I was very proud of them! Way to go everyone! 



Reading and Writing,  

This week we have our normal spelling groups. Students should follow the normal homework schedule. 

In writing we are starting a new essay. Students will be working on informational essays. We will have lessons on how to structure an informational essay. We will also go over the elements of an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion. Students will develop an informational essay by first researching their topic. Then, students will apply their information to the structure of an essay, replicating what was taught in the lessons.

For the informational essay, students will be asked to research a future career they wish to have. It may be necessary to visit the library and borrow books on their chosen career. We appreciate your support! I also will have some chromebook time to help facilitate research but sometimes books can have better information. You may also print articles about the career at home to send in with your child. Subtopics on the subject are: schooling/training, licensure or certification necessary to work the job, and what the job entails. Fourth graders will also be asked to research statistics on employment of the career, future forecasts of employment (i.e. shortages in this area?) and average salaries.

Students who have not finished their final draft of a personal narrative will be asked to finish this up during daily 5 time. 

We have begun our chapter book studies. The third graders have started, “The Chocolate Touch” and the fourth graders have started, “Underworlds, The Battle Begins.” Students will read these independently, as well as, with the teacher and in a group at times. We will complete many activities with these books over the next few weeks that will broaden our vocabulary and strengthen our comprehension. Students will also apply previously learned comprehension strategies to the books as they read. This unit will span several weeks.

This week we will continue working on genres. At the end of this week, students should be able to identify several fiction genres. Students will complete a project reflecting what they know on genres. We will also focus on fables. Students will learn the elements of a fable. Then students will have a lesson on personification (giving animals/inanimate objects human characteristics). Students will also be listening to an Aesop fable in the listening center.

3rd grade Math,  

We are finishing unit 2 which focuses on introducing multiplication. This week is our final week in unit 2. Students will be focusing on using ratio tables to construct multiplication facts. Students will also build pictographs to represent data in multiples.  The unit 2 assessment is scheduled for Friday 10/25. Students took home a study guide last Friday, 10/18. This study guide is due Thursday 10/24. 

Unit 3 will start next week. Students will start with module 1.  Module 1 focuses on rounding and multi-digit addition. This module focuses on rounding, estimation, and multi-digit addition.  Students are introduced to the concept of rounding 2- and 3-digit numbers to the nearest ten or the nearest hundred. Students will also begin to understand how rounding can help them approximate solutions to problems, as well as, determine the reasonableness of their answers. 


We are continuing the October Number Corner. Students are now in charge of writing the information for each date and presenting to the class. Students are identifying the names of 2 dimensional shapes, as well as, the lines of symmetry and what angles each shape has. We are also adding daily to our milliliter collection, slowly building Liters. Each day we calculate the fractional value the ml. represent of the L. Students also discuss whether or not the fraction is proper or improper.

4th grade math,  

Please see Mrs. Ottaviani’s website for 4th grade math information and updates.

Science/Social Studies,  

Students will start a science unit on light. Students will learn about how the colors of light are perceived. They will also complete science experiments to understand how light travels. Students will learn about the parts of an eye and a basic understanding of how they see. We will complete a project on creating light maze with a small group. Students will also have a special lesson from Ms. Naomi about bioluminescence. This unit will last approximately two weeks with a unit assessment planned for 11/1.


We are continuing phenology and solo spots, alternating each week. Please make sure your student is prepared to be outside on a regular basis. 


I hope you have a wonderful week!