2015 Service Learning Project

Update 1

This year, the ⅚ students and teachers have decided to merge high interest in our Social Studies unit on World Cultures with a love of food and an interest in how people around the world make sustainable food production choices; or how they could benefit from learning about sustainable strategies.

Our project will conclude with World Food Day, to be celebrated in March. Students will be delving into research on foods from countries around the world, aligning with the travel log they are creating in Social Studies. They will then be selecting a recipe from a specific country. We will then invite the community to visit Prairie Crossing on World Food Day, to not only sample some unique dishes, but learn about the dish’s origin, how it would be traditionally prepared, and how the produce is created in the country of origin.

Students will be taking a leading role on this project, and we will continue to update you here, as their work progresses during the coming months.