Wrap Up Academic Update

ELA: Students completed their final spelling tests of the year this week. They have examined over 35 spelling rules this year, and have been continuing to utilize their expertise in their writing. Students’ final piece of writing this year is to take an argumentative stand on who should be the next president. The catch is that they must nominate a character from Ancient Greek history or mythology. Be sure to ask your child who they think would make a great candidate! The final vocabulary assessment of the year will be taking place this Monday. Please encourage your child to utilize vocabulary.com, the flashcards, and Wanted posters around the room during their studies.

Social Studies: We are in the final few days of our Greek studies. To conclude this unit, students selected an area of Ancient Greek culture that was most interesting to them, and have been sharing with the class about their topic. Make sure you check out the Gallery for pictures of some of the awesome presentations we have had so far! If time permits, after these presentations we will be wrapping up the year with a mini-session of some Olympic-style games.

Math: Class concluded this past Monday. Students were given their math workbooks from the year, with ample opportunity to continue practicing their skills this summer if they so choose. It was a great pleasure to get to support these students throughout the year and challenge their mathematics skills through models and explanations. I am proud of their hard work and perseverance.