What’s Next (11/13)

Coming up in…

Math: Students will be designing unique rectangular prisms using boxes collected in class. This will serve as a project on our unit on Volume before assessment. I expect we will be wrapping up over the course of the next week and a half. After volume, we will be moving on to fractions (where we will be spending a majority of the remainder of the year).

ELA: Students will soon be selecting a dinosaur to write a research paper on. This paper will serve as a connection between ELA, science and social studies. The main purpose for this paper is to provide students with the strong foundation of research skills necessary to build excellent informative writers.¬†Also in ELA we will be delving into more specific vocabulary acquisition during word study, and doing more work within small groups to examine “word consciousness”.

Social Studies: Students are still in the midst of our unit on early-humankind. I expect our activities to take us to Thanksgiving break, as we will be playing hunter/gatherer games, experiencing “court room justice” in the style of early-man, and writing found poems.