What’s New in Class?

Social Studies
Students will be participating in a Greek Assembly (debate) where they are assigned a view point to present to an audience of peers. After both sides of the issue present their findings, the Assembly will vote on whether or not they want to adjust any laws from Ancient Greece. The issues at hand for our debate are women’s citizenship and abolishing slavery in Ancient Greece. Before the end of the year, students will also participate in miniature versions of early Greek Olympic sports, perform skits based on Greek philosophers & plays based on Greek mythology, and share their unique talents when representing their city-state at a Greek Festival.

With PARCC testing wrapping up we are getting back to our routine with word study. Students were given new spelling lists this week and will have their regularly scheduled quizzes on Monday and Wednesday of next week. We will be reading Greek myths over the next couple of weeks, which will then inform students about the Greek Gods and Goddess. Students will be given multiple persuasive/argumentative writing assignments over the course of the next month to go along with the content we are discussing in social studies. 

Students were introduced to our “Decimals” unit earlier in the month. We are now starting to use students’ knowledge of place value to understand the role of mathematics operations involving decimals.  Fractions exams were passed back today, and students were informed that if they are interested in a re-take they are welcome to one, but must first fill out a form to make a plan for showing reteaching/understanding. There will also be an extra credit opportunity announced this week, involving a “connect the dots” style assignment that students  started today (it is their homework tonight to finish).

We have decided to theme their year’s service learning project on water, as it is a resource they have studied in depth in science class and there are a lot of possibilities for students to take advantage of. Watch the website for updates regarding activities related to planning, fundraising and determining the exact direction of our project.

Some Updates and Reminders:
*ABC Countdown starts TOMORROW already! The list of our activities can be found in the previous post, linked here.
*The Illinois Science Assessment will be given to 5th and 8th graders for the first time this year. The test is next Tuesday, May 3rd from 1:30-2:30.
*NWEA testing will take place May 10 (ELA) and May 18 (Math)
*Camping forms are due by May 6th, as well as the remaining $48 payment to PCCS. Please email Mrs. Neil if you have any questions regarding forms, what needs to be turned in still, etc.
*The camping trip is May 24-26
*Field day is the afternoon of May 27
*No school May 30 (Memorial Day)

Thank you, have a wonderful day!