What’s Happening In Class

In ELA, many students have completed their rough draft of the Charley Harper writing. Final drafts are due this Tuesday, the 8th. Students will be starting to work on the art piece that will accompany their writing at the 5/6 showcase next Thursday. If you haven’t already responded to our quick survey about view times, please do so here.

In word study, students are continuing to work on understanding spelling rules, patterns and roots. Additionally, next week in class I will be introducing a “digital literacy” program to students, which they may choose to work on both at home and at school (during designated times).

In math, students are wrapping up multiplying fractions and will be moving on to scaling values. This  will be an exciting time as students will be working with real world situations such as taking care of pets and cooking. I am hoping we will even be preparing some dishes in class! If families are interested, this will be a time where students in my math class will be asked to send in donations. I will be looking for a few parent volunteers as well. I will send an email with details once we are closer to this point.

In social studies we are well on our way to mapping the Nile River in Egypt. Be sure to check out the Gallery of our page, as I have added some photos of students working on their 3-D maps. Can you spot some of the fun and creative materials being used?

Something special for our homeroom is we have a student who was actually born in Egypt. I and many students are excited about the possibilities this will bring to our discussions and activities.