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Welcome to October

Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe that we have already flipped our calendars to October! I think we are all feeling fall in the air – changing leaves, cooler mornings and evenings, and pumpkin spice everything!! We are looking forward to spending some time outdoors ushering in this new season!
Both classes enjoyed talking today with Mrs. Gernady and Mrs. Meyer – who are part of our Student Services team – to talk about the triumphs and struggles many of our 5th graders are experiencing. Please ask your student about these important conversations and encourage them to use the “Comment Box” form available in Google Classroom if they would like to continue to talk with either Mrs. Gernady or Mrs. Meyer.
ELA News:
  • Practiced annotating informational text while reading “The Komodo Dragon”
  • Added transition words and correct formatting to our personal narrative essays
  • Took our Week 2 spelling test
  • Began a book cover project to report on the most recent book we’ve read (due next Thursday)
  • Next week we will work on making inferences, and
  • Write our conclusion to our personal narrative essays
Social Studies News:
  • Learned about the colonial economy and how important trade was for the colonists
  • Labeled and colored a map of the three colonial regions
  • Rehearsed our Reader’s Theatre skits
  • Next week (Wednesday and Thursday) we will perform our skits for the class
Shin Math News:
  • Determined unit rates given distance and time
  • Identified unit rates and rate units
  • Understood percents as a part to whole ratio
  • Converted numbers between fractions, decimals, and percents
  • Next week students determine unknown whole amounts given a part and the percent

Psimaras Math News:


  • Number relationships to make one side of an equation equal to the other

  • Write and solve an equation to show volume of a rectangular prism

  • Find the value of an expression with parentheses

  • Division problems with remainders

  • IXL math practice, see Google Classroom for recommended sections

  • Will prepare to take the Unit 1 Test on Wednesday and Thursday

Science News:

  • Compared data by constructing a double a line graph

  • Completed the conclusion to their class catapult experiment

  • Worked on designing a game with rules, points, and strategies using a catapult

  • Students will either share about or demonstrate their catapult game in class

Please make a note that we will have an Early Release next Thursday, 10/7 at 1:00 and no school next Friday, 10/8 and Monday, 10/11. Please see other important dates and links to sports sign ups below.
Important Dates:
10/07/2021 – Early Release 1:00pm (Staff Inservice)
10/08/2021 – No School (Staff Inservice)
10/11/2021 – No School
10/15/2021 – October Natural Leader Assembly 8:15am
10/15/2021 – Fun Food Friday (details to follow)
10/17/2021 – PSO Fall Fest 1:00pm
10/20/2021 – Early Release 1:00pm