Welcome to Art! 2020-2021


Welcome to the PCCS Art web page! I am looking forward to another great year teaching Art and while I am sad that we will begin the year remotely, I am so happy to be seeing all of my students again! This year we will be working on a variety of activities. Due to the nature of remote learning some if not most of our projects this trimester will be orientated around drawing, photography, upcycled art and things that are available in the home environment.

Information to get you started this year:

All specials have teamed to create a website with virtual classrooms that contain all pertinent information. You can fine important links here: 

Contact Information



Google Classroom Codes 5th-8th Grade


As we continue our Art education at PCCS, students will be working on not only producing art but looking at important figures and topics through art history. My goal is to engage students in reflective conversations and responses to art and the world around them. In the same way that not every Science class is a Lab activity, some art classes may be spent learning about art history, concepts, techniques and not necessarily times when students are in the act of producing art pieces.



Please have a sketchbook if possible and unlined paper for final draft art pieces. Crayons, colored pencils, markers will be a fine way to start the year. As trimester one progress I will be in touch if there are materials that need to be sent home during a scheduled Material Drop off day. 



This year we will be using Google Classroom and a Specials Website with Bitmoji Classroom. Turning in work can be done via Google Classroom, through the Google Form on the Art Website or through email. I want students whenever possible to advocate for themselves and encourage them to communicate with me on how to best accommodate their needs. 



Since some classes (Kindergarten, 6th-8th Grade) are only being seen once a week it is important to be present and prompt to class. If there are any technical issues or conflicts that arise please email me or encourage your child to visit me during Office Hours to check in and get caught up.



For your convenience, here is my schedule with the times I see each grade. Click the class name to go to the Art Zoom Classroom/Office Hours.

Art Remote Learning Schedule 2020-2021

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:00-8:30 5th 8th
8:30-9:00 3rd 4th 3rd
12:15-12:45 Kindergarten Art
2:00-2:30 2nd 5th 1st 6th 4th
2:30-3:00 1st 7th 2nd
3:00-3:30 Office 












I look forward to another great year at PCCS! If you have questions, concerns or suggestions please reach out. It is my hope that we can all work together as a community to help each other out in these difficult times. Please know that I am here to help and to be an encouraging, kind presence in your child’s life. I do not want to be a source of stress or anxiety for anyone and am beyond willing to work with everyone to make sure that they have a successful Art education experience. Thank you and please check out the school’s Art Instagram page at PCCS_Art or by scanning the image below.